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Oscar de la Renta 'Live in Love' Perfume

A little knowledge: You know those amazing and beautiful red carpet outfits we see? They are most probably Oscar de la Renta and he is known for his beautiful red carpet gowns and evening wear. He is one of the worlds leading fashion designers and if I was ever to pick a wedding gown for an English registry I would definitely consider his designs!

A little history: De La Renta's fashion career spans over four decades making New York based Oscar de la Renta one of the most respected designers of our day. The first American to design for a French couture house (Pierre Balmain in 1993), he apprenticed with the eminent Cristobal Balenciaga, worked at Lanvin and Elizabeth Arden and has garnered A-list fans and dressed leading figures from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy to modern style-setter Sarah Jessica Parker. If you want opulent signature evening gowns and fashion-forward designs, or beautifully wearable day dresses, Oscar de la Renta should be your first choice.

For now though my post is on a very small, not least but ever so pleasing purchase from one of his other enterprises - FragranceOscar de la Renta 'Live in Love' Eau de Parfum. 'Oscar de la Renta's new scent, created by a man who adores women.'

"Oscar de la Renta introduces live in love, a fragrance inspired by passion for life. The scent is a reflection of the woman who lives each day with joy. Live in love is an expression Mr. de la Renta's desire to make every woman feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. With Live in love, he has created an unforgettable scent for any woman to make her own." 

I went to Harrods yesterday and as I was leaving the store through the men's formal wear section I was approached by a man strategically placed in the store who had a very small display on top of a centre piece advertising a perfume. His approach was simple and straight, he sprayed a small perfume card with the scent and handed it to me freely, said "enjoy your day" and let me go, I accepted it and smelt it. I stopped. I turned, took two steps back and said what is the price? SOLD.

That quick? That hastily? So Sure? Your crazy! Probably what most people think of me but I don't mind because when it comes to perfume if I like it I'll take it, if I don't I'll never ever consider it for myself or even as a gift to someone else. And if you pester me or try and talk me into buying it I will hate it even before smelling it. So it's very rare I like a perfume so suddenly which means when I do I take it, plus I needed to replace some of my perfumes as they are finished and a new addition is great rather than picking the same.

This new fragrance from Oscar de la Renta 'Live in Love' is new and released on Thursday the 8th of March 2012 (The sales assistant didn't lie to me just to get me to buy the perfume. I found out by searching here for the perfume when I got home out of curiosity and it was an anticipated, exclusive release this month, woohoo!)

The sales associate was seriously surprised though and couldn't help mention two things, the first: I was the one and only customer he has ever come across who went back to him within seconds to purchase an item he tried to market, second: I was his first sale of the day after him standing there for 4 and 1/2 hours. 

The perfume comes in a classic look gold and green coloured box, opens to reveal a  beautiful and expensive looking glass bottle with a royal crown shaped gold and glass lid. The bottle is designed by Mr. de la Renta himself, "it was conceived much like a dress, with attention to detail and high level of craftsmenship. The faceted glass represents the many dimensions of a womans life; each aspect lived in the fullest, in love. An opulent cap is crowned with a decorative accent also seen, used on Oscar de la Renta fashion and accesories."

The first spray has top notes that are a sheer effervescence of sparkling ginger orchid and green muguet (lily of the valley) type scent with bergamot notes. This fades to the floral heart note which comprises of jasmine and orange flower with rose lingering, and descends to a creamy, sensual base of sandalwood and cedar, slight musk and woody note lasting longest.

Top notes: ginger, orchid,, green muguet, bergamot, hyacinth, galbanum
Middle notes: jasmine, orange flower and rose
Base notes: sandalwood, cedarwood, white amber, musk and white woods

It's very unique and very different, I always wear sweet/woody scented perfumes but this took me by surprise the second I took the scent in, it was pleasant and I just loved it. I have never loved a scent so much as I have this one all of a sudden. It's not exactly a young persons fragrance, in comparison it's quite mature but I found that apart from enjoying the scent, it is a dominating fragrance which goes with ones personality. 

As Mr de la Renta says: 
"This is about how you embrace life - you live in love. It's not a person, it's loving life, it's loving the life you live, what you give, what you have received." - Oscar de la Renta

The lasting power is really amazing, I sprayed it on in the store before I left and till the evening I was enjoying sniffing the scent, because it lingers for hours, I awoke in the morning to still be able to sense the fragrance lingering on my skin, alot lighter of course but it's perfect and that's what you want from a perfume, staying power without giving you a headache.

I adore this perfume, I have never ever fallen for a perfume so quickly as I have with Oscar de la Renta's 'Live in love'. I got a few perfumes for my birthday, I liked them but this is true love. I think turning 24 has switched me over to things which are a little mature, elegant yet classy and this is one of those fragrances which will be my holy grail for a long time, yes it beats some Chanel perfumes I own, maybe not Chanel No.5 - I'd place the two on the same scale now and that's serious competition and saying something!

This perfume is exclusive to Harrods in the UK, if it goes on sale elsewhere it will be Selfridges only, later in the year. In the US it's available direct at Oscar de la Renta and Nordstrom.

Live in Love...Love Oscar de la Renta!

Dyno x

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