Friday, 16 March 2012

LA Colors 30 Eye Design Palettes - Review

"Discover all the shades you need with this 30 color eyeshadow palette. Create any look for the day and night. Convenient palette case includes dual ended applicator for color on the go!" 

I picked up two palettes last week. LA Colors 30 Eye Design Palette in (Left-Right) 'Design' and 'Invent'. The palette contains 30 vivid colours that are long lasting, palette includes a dual ended applicator. 'Design' is a more multicoloured set of eyeshadow colours. 'Invent' is a pink and purple based eyeshadow colours.

(Left to Right: Design Palette and Invent Palette)

The colour selections are really nice, they apply quite nicely and easily and the look on the eyes is very pretty. On the go these shadows are easy to blend and apply and they look good once on. The shades are not matte but shimmer but not glittery. The only downside is that there is alot of fall out because the shadows are so soft and creamy.

The packaging is the kind of cheap plastic you could expect from such an affordable product. it is however easier to open than most cheap palettes. You get 30 eyeshadows wich in total gives you a whopping 45 grams of product. Amazing! Below are swatches using my finger and one swipe only.

Design Palette Swatches:

Invent Palete Swatches:

Some eye shadows are more easier to swatch and use than others. Some appear and apply more pigmented than others but the colours even if they apply light are good. I highly recommend tapping off the excess shadow and applying them before applying the rest of your makup because there is alot of fall out. That's the only downside. These are great for a evening makeup look and you can create various different colourful looks. 

The staying power seems quite good, it actually stays on quite well considering the price of the palette. I wore the eyeshadows with a primer for 5 hours and it still looked perfect as I first applied it, so I'm sure these would last longer with and without a primer. I did not see any creasing but I did notice that the brighter colours seemed to fade out just ever so slightly after a few hours. These are also fantastic with a bit of cream eyeshadow underneath, helps the colour last longer, appear brighter and stand out more.

Above I wore three different colours from the 'Design' palette. I'm really impressed with the palette, it's not the only bestest palette out there, but it's nice to have in your collection. If your new to makeup these are nice to start with and play around with the colours to create multiple looks. I really like the 'Design' palette more than 'Invent' as it's colours are more versatile, the blues and greens are really pigmented.

I'm more of a matte eyeshadow girl but I like the odd shimmer shadows and because I get so many different colours for a ridiculously cheap price I recommend this palette. I picked up mine from Beauty Base for £4.95, which is a bargain. I generally avoid picking up random makeup products - but I'm a sucker for colourful things!

Love Makeup!

Dyno x

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