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Kiko Makeup Milano - Review

Established and founded in 1997, Kiko is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments. Kiko's identity is rooted in "Made in Italy" values and the world of the capital for fashion, art and design. Kiko is one of the most loved brands in Italy.

Kiko's mission as a brand is to for all women to treat themselves to cosmetics without having to sacrifice their budget, the quality, formulas and packaging which is always on trend. Kiko wants quality to be no longer synonymous with high prices, making Kiko makeup a professional luxury, a exciting reality anyone can touch.

I was curious so I went into the store for the first time only last week. Kiko Makeup opened last year in both the UK Westfield's. If I'm honest I'm quite surprised at the prices - half the price of MAC and packaging - it looks like MAC. I came out with a couple of items of which the two interesting items being a lipstick and lip liner.

Kiko Luscious Cream Lipstick 508 Orange

"Creamy lipstick with pure, intense colour and exclusive design. A sublime gliding texture to enhance the full sensuality of your smile with a satin finish and a surprisingly rich and brilliant pigmentation. Imperceptible and light, Luscious Cream adheres precisely to your lips wrapping them in a fine film with immediate, long lasting and intense coverage."

I've wanted an orange lipstick for a few weeks now, I bought MAC 'Lady Danger' (review here) but it's not a true bright orange it's got more red in it. I thought I would wait before I splash some more money on say MAC 'Morange' or 'Neon Orange' lipstick which are true bright orange's but luckily I came across Kiko and managed to pick up a true bright orange lipstick at half the price of MAC.

The casing of the lipstick is quite cool, you pull the silvery casing and the lid expands upwards and downwards within the casing and remains inside, quite different to your usual lipstick cases, it's quite a solid bullet looking case.

The formula is a luscious cream lipstick, definitely not like a YSL Rouge Volupte lipstick but maybe a lighter formula of MAC Cremesheen lipstick which are one of my favourite formulas from MAC. It does glide on smoothly, has a light feeling on the lips like a balm and is moisturising. 

But the pigmentation is not intense on first swipe you need to build it up a little with about two to three coats to reach full colour and opaqueness. After the colour is applied it goes from a creamy look to a semi-dry satin look and so it looses the finish of a cream lipstick if you compare it to MAC Cremesheen lipsticks by this point and no where near a YSL Rouge Volupte.

Kiko Smart Lip Pencil 503 Orange

"The comfortable and easy to apply lip liner pencil. Soft creamy line.Highlights and redefines your lips, improving the hold of your lipstick."

I also picked up a matching lip liner to the lipstick as I don't wear much orange so didn't have a lip pencil in my collection that would match the lipstick. The lip liner I have to say is really good, matte with a soft cream application, it doesn't feel hard against the lips when your outlining; some liners do as the lead can be hard and drying, dragging your lips with it in the process of application. Paired together the two lip products compliment each other perfectly.


I really like the lip pencil I can't go wrong with it and it even came in useful with some of my coral shaded lipsticks such as MAC 'Watch Me Simmer'. But I only just 'like' the lipstick, it's not bad but when I started applying it, but it didn't fill the hole I have for a really bright orange lipstick, this Kiko lipstick sits slightly more peachy on my lips I was really hoping it would be a cheaper dupe of MAC 'Morange'/'Neon Orange' Lipsticks but it's not.

I have swatched 'Morange'/'Neon Orange' in store multiple times and now I know what draws me to them each time - the colour, pigmentation and creamyness of MAC lipsticks is something that is difficult to beat. I am glad though that I tried something else before I go and spend the money on a MAC lipstick, but I will be purchasing 'Morange' or 'Neon Orange'.

I'm glad it's in my collection either way, maybe some days I might want a lipstick which is more peachy than bright tangerine orange, it looks pretty and I do recommend trying their lipsticks out, the quality is descent and not dismiss-able at all in any way, it's just personal preference - I am sure and tempted to go and try other shades. So that's still saying something.

Kiko Makeup is available in the UK at Westfield Shopping centres and online at the Kiko Website. Sadly for US and other International readers unless you visit/live in the UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany or Portugal it's unavailable for now.

Have you tried Kiko Makeup? What do you think?

Interesting Kiko Makeup!
Dyno x

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