Sunday, 18 March 2012

Are you MINTED or PEACHY keen?

Spring is my favourite season in the year. It's not too cold and it's not too hot and I feel happy! So I look out for key trends during this time that appear after fashion week. And this year for spring the trend that has caught my eye are pastel colours; in Mint and Peach. 

Mint green is one of my favourite pastel shades and it’s so refreshing to see this color become extremely popular this spring. Even an accessory or simple adjustment to your outfit in this colour can look so up-to-date! Mint is a very delicate and feminine yet cool hue, but I think it can also look very modern if the item is a solid, minimalist piece, I like to pair it with rose golden or bronze coloured accessories!

Peach orange is my second most favourite pastel colour, it's a more warm toned colour than mint and feels soft and fluffy. Peach can also go by the name 'blush' but either way it's a gorgeous colour to wear. Peach can also be worn as part of a makeup look, coming under different tones of peaches, pinks and corals which is quite popular for makeup trends. I like to pair peach with more silver accesories, but golden and rose colours look just as flattering, I even like pearly accesories and orange hues to mix the colour tones and looks.

Both mint and peach symbolizes the sorbet pastel palette and they both really suit a golden, tan complexion like myself! I even like to combine the two colours because they look so pretty together and the colours don't clash. I have already picked up mint coloured blouses, peach ruffle tops, mint stilettos, mint earrings and peach/pearl accessories! You can also check out my spring post on mixing up mint colours with others here.

Love Spring...Love Mint and Peach!

Dyno x

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