Tuesday, 28 February 2012

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis À Lèvres - Glossy Stain Review

Yves Saint Laurent have released a new lip product! You probably already know how much I love a YSL makeup product and so upon hearing of a new release I was straight down to the counter testing it out, succumbed in and made a purchase. 

"Live the sophistication of a boundless glossy colour that truly fuses your lips in a new shine. A glossy stain you barely feel. A new movement in lip wear is born."

This new lip stain from YSL is available in 18 permanent shades with the 19th and 20th limited edition shade exclusive to special YSL counters and online. With so many colours to choose from, making the choice to pick just one was well and truly difficult, but I made sure I steered clear of the reds and pinks because I have so many red and pink coloured lip products it's unbelievable! Which narrowed it down to two shade options; orange/corals and nude/beiges.

I picked up shade #7 Corail Aquatique - a coral peach orange shade.

So what exactly is this all in one product? 


 Glossy Stain is a revolutionary new lip colour from Yves Saint Laurent, Providing ultimate wear, ultimate shine and ultimate colour. The extremely long lasting stain formula uses as exclusive spatula for precise and smooth application and glossy shine. 

The packaging is cool, the stain is housed in a black slightly chunky cuboid with a small transparent window so you can see the colour of the stain and how much you have left. Topped with a typical gold YSL screw top lid, it's almost similar to a nail polish bottle - gold, glossy and gleaming!

In-fact if I'm honest these came out on the 14th of February and I walked straight past them because I thought they were nail varnishes until I realised whilst reading up for new products that they were a lip product!

It features a doe-foot applicator which is quite medium in size, is not too big but fits onto the lips quite nicely to allow a clean and well defined line. It's fluffy in texture completely flat with a slight slant and curve to ensure precise application. The stain has a slight fruity scent to it.

Now the application - at first the Glossy Stain almost feels like water, the consistency is very soft and liquidy but this sensation dries almost immediately. The first layer applied on the lips is a sheer and transparent one and leaves the lips covered in a hint of colour, this would be the stain effect. The second layer can be applied for fuller coverage to the lips, this would be your lipstick. The third layer is a high shine glossy finish which is suppose to be a more dramatic effect on the lips and so this would be your lip gloss finish. 

Ultimately if the lip gloss part fades it's your lipstick layer that will be revealed and when the lipstick fades a stain is revealed and what is left behind; provides your lips with a beautiful flush of colour.

#7 Corail Aquatique was the shade I picked up, swatched, it was just a true beautiful coral peach shade with a orange undertone rather than a pink one, so I was instantly attracted and with spring summer round the corner I thought it would be perfect. Against my skin tone Corail Aquatique really stood out! It is very pretty and the colour is the right balance of orange and pink to create the perfect and true orange toned coral shade. Note: when swatched on the arm the stain is lighter, but on your lips depending on how pigmented they are it appears deeper (for me it did).

(Above left 3 coats, right, first swatch one coat for stain, second swatch two coats)

If I'm honest I don't own many lip stains, I've only ever tried Benefits 'Benetint' lip stain and that just sits in my make up draw because it felt so drying on the lips, plus I like my lips to look more fuller and dressed up. I like this new product from YSL but I'm not in love with it or think I would even use it all the time, I don't think I will be purchasing it in a different colour anytime soon either, I might but only if I really start using up the first one.

The formula is quite amazing though, it's not at all sticky or drying in-fact quite moisturising which is hard to find when your working with lip stains. My lips never once felt dry. It's also intriguing how one brush manages to layer the right amount of colour for it to work as a stain, lipstick and gloss. But I'm on the fence with this one, I have a mixed verdict on it - I did wear it all day today and yes a stain was still visible after eating having worn it for almost 5-6 hours, the gloss however did disappear which is expected and totally fine, but I just don't know? It's not really long wearing at all in terms of lipstick and lipgloss, 1-2 hours max as long as you don't lick your lips. Let down anyone?

I think this will be a product I would use on lazy days for a flush of colour, although the colour is very pigmented and beautiful it's not so over the top to make you go wow that looks gorgeous, some lip glosses out their can really give your lips an 'oomph' and stand out, this YSL stain just felt 'normal'. 

I also think it's quite deceiving, swatched on your hands it really makes out to be something beautiful but once applied on the lips the affect wasn't the same, (sadly I didn't try it on my lips before buying). So ladies I would really try it on your lips before you buy it, at £22.50/$32.00 for a lip product you want to be sure your going to totally love it.

(YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain on my lips-Wear time 3-4 hours)

Maybe lip stains aren't for me, Maybe I'll change my mind, I'll let you know if I do, for now I'll give it the benefit of the doubt because it's YSL...Here's hoping I fall in love second time round! Has anyone picked this up?

Interesting Lip Product...YSL!

Dyno x


  1. I was drawn to shade #12 but it was all sold out... I love a good lip stain, and one from YSL needs to be added to my stash :)

  2. @Lucy Hopefully you will be more impressed than i was x